Accelerate sales – Increase profits
Easy to use
Simple, friendly interface, easy even for older people
Increase sales speed
Automatically calculate payments without needing to remember prices, without needing to record statistics.
Avoid loss of goods
Goods are updated with accurate sales quantity, price, and inventory, helping the store avoid confusion and loss and be proactive in management.
tiktakPOS – multi-device store management
No need to be present at the store, you can manage remotely thanks to tiktakPOS sales management software. You only need an Internet-connected device to sell, monitor and manage your store anytime, anywhere. TiktakPOS is optimized on:
  • Computer/Laptop
  • Point of sale (POS) machines
  • On Mobile, tablet
tiktakPOS sales management software designed for veterinary medicine stores
  • Limit errors when searching and importing goods

    Add new products and test them instantly in the archived database. With an accurate and complete inventory management system, veterinary store owners can find products quickly

  • Convenience in customer care

    Manage customer information and purchase history directly from the tiktakPOS software system for veterinary stores. Track all prescriptions, order creation time, and personnel in charge.

  • Manage counters and product warehouses conveniently

    Manage inventory time, import date, and inventory quantity of each type of veterinary medicine.

Report detailed debt revenue
  • Know exactly the store’s revenue, profit and loss every day.
  • Hot-selling items, inventory alerts to proactively plan for importing goods.
  • Proactively pay debts to suppliers. Supplier debt reports are automatically updated every minute, without wasting time and recording calculations every day.
  • Free integration of electronic invoice issuance on suppliers’ POS machines.
Store management has never been simpler with tiktakPOS
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