Accelerate sales – Increase profits
Easy to use
Simple, friendly interface, easy even for older people
Increase sales speed
Automatically calculate the bill, no need to remember prices, no need to take notes thống kê.
Avoid loss of goods
Goods are updated with accurate sales quantity, price, and inventory, helping the store avoid confusion and loss and be proactive in management.
tiktakPOS – multi-device store management
No need to be present at the store, you can manage remotely thanks to tiktakPOS sales management software optimally designed for grocery stores. Just need an Internet-connected device to sell, monitor and manage your store anytime, anywhere. tiktakPOS is optimized on:
  • Computer/Laptop
  • Point of sale (POS) machines
  • On Mobile, tablet
Professional sales management software tiktakPOS for groceries
  • Quick and simple sales

    Sell quickly, ensure accuracy, minimize confusion. Pay without remembering the price.

  • Payment without cash

    Record the amount of money paid by customers and the exact change, helping to limit errors in payments or overpayments. Not only paying in cash, the grocery sales software also supports many convenient payment methods such as Momo, bank transfer, and point exchange.

  • Manage employees when not present at the store

    Each employee uses his or her own account and is authorized by role at the store to log in. Each employee account is assigned by the store owner according to roles such as cashier, warehouse staff, and store manager.

  • Easily look up supplier debt

    Easily look up suppliers’ debts, you can quickly search for suppliers, manage suppliers by category, and easily track suppliers’ import history on the management software. Grocery sales manager with full information about order code, time and amount.

  • Manage inventory accurately, without worrying about loss

    Store owners can manage thousands of products on the grocery management software. Each item is classified by attributes such as size, weight, expiration date, … or classified by categories such as dry goods, personal items, … Just use a barcode scanner on the product. is the number of products that will be automatically updated to the software, avoiding confusion and errors during store operations, making it difficult to avoid damaged or lost goods.

Report detailed debt revenue
  • Know exactly the store’s revenue, profit and loss every day.
  • Hot-selling items, inventory alerts to proactively plan for importing goods.
  • Proactively pay debts to suppliers. Supplier debt reports are automatically updated every minute, without wasting time, recording calculations every day..
  • Free integration of electronic invoice issuance on suppliers’ POS machines.
Store management has never been simpler with tiktakPOS
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