POS System for Retail and F&B industry
Web application based on cloud computing technology developed by FPT Software
All in one solution
A complete management solution built by experts to help retail stores operate their stores simply and easily.
Manage anytime, anywhere
No need for company at the store. You can still manage your store anytime, anywhere using a personal computer or phone with Internet.
Limit loss of revenue and goods
Goods are updated with accurate sales quantity, price, and inventory, helping the store avoid confusion and loss and be proactive in management.
Optimize time and reasonable costs
Accurately controlling the quantity of goods in stock and revenue helps limit losses.
Professional support team
The sales & support team is always ready to answer all your questions during use.
Data security
FPT Software's strong security capabilities have been recognized by international certificates.
tiktakPOS helps Comprehensive Management of Stores
Fast – accurate helps operate stores and chain stores easily
tiktakPOS is optimal in the retail and F&B sectors
What do customers say about tiktakPOS?
Thanks to tiktakPOS, I can manage food ingredients and not have shortages like before. tiktakPOS remembers all the dishes that customer ordered in each table.

Mr. Hieu

Hung Viet grilled spring rolls

I sell groceries, find tiktakPOS very easy to use, clear interface. Thanks to this software, she can entrust others to sell the goods without any confusion or loss.

Mrs. Dan

Phong Dan grocery store

In the past, when the restaurant was crowded, I couldn't remember what customers ordered or what they requested. Luckily, now there is tiktakPOS to help me remember, so it's light on my head, selling is both quick and concise while still being accurate.

Mr. Kien

Hanoi Corner restaurant

The first impression is that the staff is very professional and enthusiastic in guiding and setting up. Using tiktakPOS, I find the interface simple, easy to use, and fully functional for store management.

Mrs. Nga

Dung Nga grocery store

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Store management has never been simpler with tiktakPOS
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